Team Building

Only to cultivate good employee, in order to become the good enterprise. The company's development so far, explore the way of "improve employee quality and ability" and "to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises", "adhering to professional standards to serve the society", as an employee training fundament, and penetrate into the all aspects of team building.
Shanghai Xuhui Landscape Development Co., Ltd. to Mr. Gao Xiunan innovative studio as a platform, landscaping company’s technical advantages, to hard work in the fields of landscape industry. Senior technicians of the company are best three in the landscape industry of Shanghai.
The company promotes the overall development of employee as the goal of the enterprise, to guide the individual growth and integration into the development of the enterprise, to achieve the common progress and coordinated development. The company put forward the “talent strong enterprise” strategy, adjusts and changes the selection, education, employing mechanism, so that the majority of employees live more dignity, more taste and more happiness.
According to the each department and subsidiary company needs, the company combined with the company's human resources strategy to invested more than 20 million RMB for employee training and education on each year. It is mainly promote economic and performance. The skill is fundament; and technology is the training goal. Through send out training, teacher acts, job training, technical contest and other forms of training, the company staff to participate in vocational qualifications, business skills, such as all kinds of skills training over 200 people on each year.
The company actively organizes all kinds of activities. Base on the Party branch, labor union and the innovation studio, the company organizes various sports competitions, cultural activities and excursion. These activities are all welcome by employee and make family warm of the company.  

Picture 1:Party brunch excursion

Picture 2:Technical worker team

Picture 3:Group singing of National festival 

Picture 4:First Prize of skill competition

Picture 5:Basketball Team

   Picture 6:Football Team

Picture 7:Staff sports game

Picture 8:Drama performance contest

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