Social Feedback
As a state-owned enterprise, Shanghai Xuhui Landscape Development Co., Ltd. has been advocating the idea of "thanksgiving", practicing the public services, the dedication of the public, and actively participates in various society and public welfare undertakings, in volunteer service and the participation of the community management, fulfill their duties.
In order to achieve the "public welfare" development goals, the company put social benefits as an important goal of development. The company labor union is the department to implementation of relief and charity donations. According to the actual situation of the enterprise formulate annual social donation program, organization of Party members and employees actively participate in vulnerable warmth, one day donation and other donor activities.
The company joins actively in Tianlin community, poverty alleviation and needy volunteer activities, on-site condolences poor members and residents. The company makes the park as a platform, and actively carries out community service activities, assist the community to carry out "model unit" activities to create nearly 100 times.
In order to promote volunteer activities in depth, the company was established volunteer station in the home unit and parks. It was established volunteer team among Party members, employees and park visitors. Party branch and three sub-party branch to report to the communities, all Party members to the location of residence registration, to participate in the activities of the safe community volunteers; employee participation in civilization journey, family support flower advisory and volunteer activities for 200 hours, actively participate in the local government to organize volunteer charity activities, volunteer staff coverage rate of over 90%, Party members and volunteers coverage rate of 100%. The company is whether the leadership or other staff will attend volunteer activities in the whole year. They have won the praise of the parent unit, Tianlin community and the public.
The company is also actively involved in public management. Organize employees to actively participate in voluntary blood donation. The company with the district hospital held once a month of health care consulting in Xiangyang Park, Guilin Park. Tell the disease prevention and control knowledge to the public of more than million people. In recent years, the average annual contribution of the company is amounted to 3 million RMB.

Picture 1:one day donation

Picture 2:Low price sale donation

Picture 3:Arbor Day in Jiachuan Road

Picture 4:Clean donation in Tianjin community

Picture 5:Volunteer team

Picture 6:Clean donation in Xujiahui Park

Picture 7:Fund-raising activities

 Picture 8:Volunteer activates of learn Leifeng

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