General Introduction

Shanghai Xuhui Landscape has currently several green maintenance teams. The company adhere to the pursuit of excellence, strict in demands, scientific and reasonable and orderly maintenance in order to work. Xuhui Landscape has more than forty (green) senior technicians with many experiences in green maintenance. The number and proportion of senior technical workers in Shanghai Xuhui Landscape ranked among the top three. At the same time, the company has all kinds of modern garden machinery equipment, abandon the traditional mode of operation, and improve work efficiency.
Shanghai Xuhui Landscape Development Co., Ltd. work in the Xuhui District includes 2.1 million square meters of public green space, more than 3.6 millions street trees and 8 parks such as Xujiahui Park and Guilin Park. Xuhui Landscpe established a set of detailed and specific plant database, so that within the jurisdiction (district area) each tree has its own ‘identity card’ for the Daily work.
Shanghai Xuhui Landscape Development Co., Ltd. will accord different seasons or important festival, arrange flowers into the road flower boxes, and the flower beds in the green space.Responsible for maintenance of the ancient and famous trees, Xuhui Landscape designated perfect maintenance management plan to ensure its healthy growth. Xuhui Landscape professional rescue teams are always standby for the people during the typhoon season. Xuhui landscape can also undertake indoor plant layout and renting work.
We do believe that through our hard work, Xuhui Landscape will present the most beautiful garden city for the Shanghai citizen.

Picture 1:Street tree pruning

 Picture 2:Road flower box arrangement

Picture 3:Flowerbed arrangement
 Picture 4:Green space maintenance

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