General Introduction

Planning and design is one of the core businesses of Xuhui Landscape. The company has a young design team, full of vitality. These young designers do a lot of research and are able to deliver innovative work. Their work include the design of public green spaces, park constructions, commercial landscapes, residents areas, green roofs, vertical greening and more.
‘Dragons and Pearls’ is one of the products of Xuhui Landscape that has won the highest international award in the category ‘Stereo Attractions’ in Montreal, Canada. ‘The Ostrich faces the World’ is another product that has won the international ‘Grand Prix gold’ prize in Stereo Attractions.
Moreover, it has won award for the ‘Shanghai Spring Flower Show’. Xuhui Landscape’s design team will continue to work hard to leave its footprints in the city of Shanghai.

Picture 1:Design team

 Picture 2:Montreal Canada Mosaiculture "dragon pearl"

Picture 3:International Mosaiculture gold medal "ostrich to see the world"

 Picture 4:Case-Xujiahui Park

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